Seller FAQ

Q: Why should we list our home with you?

A: You can depend on us to sell your home in the shortest amount of time, with less stress, and for more money in your pocket than with other agents.

Q: How are you able to sell so many homes?

A: We focus on the little things that make a difference in marketing and advertising, resulting in more potential buyers taking a look at your home. Our team structure is also much more efficient than the typical standalone agent, and we’ve tested our systems and procedures over hundreds of transactions. All of this leads to a repeatable, dependable process that sells more homes than most agents.

Q: What can you tell us about your marketing plan?

A: The exposure your home will receive while listed with us is designed to make sure your home can be found everywhere serious buyers are searching. Most buyers will purchase their home with the help of a professional agent, and our program makes sure those agents are attracted to your home over others on the market.

We also make sure your home appears on every important real estate related web site, including our competitors’ sites. We even create a custom website just for your home that includes unlimited photos and property descriptions, plus a Google map that shows the buyer exactly where to find your home.

Q: If we list with you, will our home be on the internet?

A: Absolutely! We like to say that your home will appear on every relevant real estate website on planet earth! We may be exaggerating a bit, but with close to 90% of all buyers now starting their search on the internet, it’s important they find your home no matter where they look. All our yard signs, advertising, and marketing materials feature our website address, leading thousands of buyers to view homes on our website.

Q: Will our home be in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

A: Again, Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we are incredibly particular about the way your home is listed in the MLS. We make use of every category and feature description box, including the use of lengthy descriptions under each photo. Our agents also pay special attention to how our photos are taken, even hiring professional photographers in certain situations.

Q: Will you take pictures of our home?

A: We take pride in the quality of our listing photos. Just take a look at the samples in this packet, and you’ll see why our listings attract more buyers than other agents. We pay close attention to using natural light, and to taking pictures at the right time of day to enhance your home’s features, both inside and out. Again, with most buyers now starting on the internet, pictures can make a huge difference in attracting more buyers to your home.

Q: Do you use Virtual Tours on the internet?

A: Yes, we create virtual tours that are more than the typical slide show of 5 or 6 pictures with some cheap music thrown in. We actually create a separate website with unlimited pictures and details about your home.

Q: Why does your company use the team concept instead of a stand-alone agent?

A: For some reason, real estate developed into a business where the typical agent attempts to do everything themselves. It’s not very efficient, and they just can’t pay attention to each client the way we can. Each member of our team focuses on a particular part of your transaction, allowing us to specialize instead of attempting to be everything to everyone. It’s much more professional, and allows us to provide a higher level of service than you can receive from an individual agent.

Q: If we list with you, can we hold our own open houses or place our own ads?

A: Yes! It’s your home, so it’s up to you how much you want to be involved. If you find a buyer who is not an agent, and who isn’t working with an agent, you can call and tell us you’ve found a buyer, and you’ll pay a reduced fee. There are no additional charges or fees involved, and we’ll still handle the closing and all the details.

Q: Can I also put my own sign on the property?

A: The only marketing right you give up when listed with us is your own for sale sign. Having another sign, in addition to our professional sign, can interfere with the showing process, and tends to be more confusing to buyers. In order to comply with Realtor rules, we can only have one sign on your property.

Q: What if our plans change, and we decide not to sell our home?

A: Just call and tell us you would like to take your home off the market, and we will immediately release you from the listing.

Q: How long does it take to put our home on the market?

A: The overall process can happen very quickly, depending on your home’s condition and whether or not it is ready for showings. Our agents will provide suggestions on where you should focus your attention, including any special clean-up or simple improvements that will help us sell your home.

Q: We know a few people who may be interested in our home. If one of them buys it, do we still have to pay a full commission?

A: If the buyer is not an agent, and isn’t working with one, you pay a substantially reduced fee, and we still handle the transaction and take care of all the details.

Q: How do you determine the asking price for our home?

A: After meeting with you and touring your home, we will discuss our complete marketing analysis, including our proprietary evaluation of supply and demand for your area. We will then guide you to the correct price range for your home.

Q: We live out of town now. Do we have to come back, or can you handle everything from a distance?

A: All we need is a key and your contact information and we can take care of everything! We’ve sold homes for people living all over the country, and we know what special services and attention are required to handle the job from start to finish.

Q: Our home may need some repairs. Do you know any contractors who can help?

A: We’ve worked with many professional service people, and would be glad to forward their information to you.

Q: We can’t afford to fix up our home. Can you still sell it in its current condition?

A: Absolutely! Like every home we sell, we will evaluate your home’s current condition and suggest simple repairs you can do that may help. We will then recommend the appropriate price range based on current supply & demand and your home’s condition.

Q: Once we’ve reviewed your information packet, what’s the next step?

A: Just give a us a call or shoot us an e-mail, and we’ll set up a time to stop by and take a look at your home. We’ll discuss your current situation, recent market activity in your area, and educate you on your home’s value. We will also make recommendations for maximizing your profit and shortening the time it takes to sell your home.


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