The Secret To Selling Your House


Nothing is as important as pricing your property right. A common question we are asked by sellers over and over again is: “How’s the market?”

Know this: regardless of the condition of the property, market conditions, or location issues, price can be adjusted to compensate and sell ANY home in a reasonable time.

The internet changed real estate forever. Today’s buyer knows a good value, a steal, and an overpriced property. If you list your $200,000 property with us today for $50,000 we will have a cash offer for you very quickly, perhaps in just a few hours! List it at $215,000 and it will sit there waiting for a price reduction; at $235,000 you are wasting your time; it will not sell no matter what you want or what a Realtor® promises you. If your property sits on the market without showings or offers for too long, it is overpriced.

So how do you determine the right price? Only recently sold comparable properties reveal what market value truly is. Actively listed comparable properties on the market are nothing more than opinions of value by agents (sometimes flawed) or the dreams of owners (sometimes unrealistic). More often than not, you’ll see these prices change often and dramatically until they reach true market value and sell. Active listings should be viewed only to evaluate your competitive position to gain a buyer who might be in the market place.

Beneath it all there are only 3 absolutes to selling your property: Price, Location, and Condition. And YOU are in control of 2 of them.

So are you ready to SELL your house?


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